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His work rises from the earth giving the illusion that there is more beneath the surface, more of a life left unseen.  That is the hallmark of internationally known sculptor, David Phelps.  The earth is part of his creation.  A man leaning back in repose, a woman lounging in a bath…all partially submerged below ground.

Childhood on a California farm gave Phelps a deep familiarity with the ground beneath his feet.  He became acutely aware of cracked soil and cool ponds.  As an adult artist in Oklahoma, those childhood impressions became entwined with his renowned sculptures.

Join Gallery in October as we meet David Phelps, the artist who explores the deep connections between humanity and the notion of place and landscape and step inside the studio to watch him create his latest masterpiece, American Beauty.   See how a simple doodle, is brought to life with a live model covered from head to toe in plaster casting to create a 3D form and then is meticulously turned it into an enduring work of art by an Oklahoman artist who’s creative soul has Deep Roots.





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Airdate:October 11th, 2012
Gallery Show # 1302


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