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http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1405.flv Gallery 1405
Gallery 1405

Oklahoma VIsual Art Coalition | Ben Harjo Jr.

The Spirit of Line and Color: Benjamin Harjo, Jr.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Benjamin Harjo Jr. is considered one of the Nation’s leading American Indian Artists. His highly stylized Native Mosaics offer explosion of color that dazzles the eye. Harjo’s work often reflects a playful sense of humor either in comical imagery or clever titles. “I feel that my art covers a wide range of emotions. From the serious to the humorous, and that the colors I used radiate a sense of happiness and joy.” Join Gallery, as we visit Benjamin in his private studios for a first-hand lesson in his spirit of Color and Line.

Art Works

When we see art it can be in a large museum or a small gallery and the presentation is the same, inspired paintings or whimsical sculptures pristine on their mounts and bathed in purposeful light, but much work goes on behind the scenes to bring art to audiences. Besides creating their masterpieces, artists need help to have their work shown. In Oklahoma there is an organization that has made promoting individual artists its mission for the past 25 years, The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Join Gallery in January as we go behind the scenes to see all this group has done to help artists around the state realize their dream, not only to bring their visions to life, but to share their creations with everyone. This is how “Art Works”.

Originally broadcast on December 20, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1404.flv Gallery 1404
Gallery 1404

The Magic of Woolaroc

Once upon a time there was a magical place near Bartlesville that brought business, sports and entertainment leaders from around the world to Oklahoma. Phillips Petroleum founder Frank Phillips needed a place to entertain clients, colleagues and friends. He looked on the east coast and in other more popular areas, but kept coming back to his beloved home of Bartlesville. That’s where he finally decided to create a western wonderland to woo the world. He called it Woolaroc. Come with Gallery in November as we travel back to Bartlesville to rediscover Frank Phillips, his legacy and an effort to revive what has become known as The Magic of Woolaroc.

Originally broadcast on November 7, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1403.flv Gallery 1403
Gallery 1403

Velvet Painter / Sketch Artist

EEL THE VELVET, BABY! Artist Trent Lawson
Think you’d never have a velvet painting on the wall? Never say never. Oklahoma City artist Trent Lawson is bringing velvet back with a pop culture vengeance. These aren’t your uncle Ed’s velvet Elvis paintings…unless you want velvet Elvis, then Lawson can happily oblige, but this artist’s forte is a modern and impressive twist on what is sometimes considered kitchzy art. His is a talent that shines best on a plush background and when you see it, you can’t help but smile. Get ready to make room on your wall to Feel the Velvet, Baby!
BLACK AND WHITE: The Sketches of Charles Keller
Charles Keller didn’t give his artistic side free reign until after he retired and one historic Oklahoma town is reaping the benefits. Keller had dabbled in pen and ink drawings earlier in his life, but gave up in defeat after seeing the work of acclaimed Oklahoma pen and ink artist, Greg Burns. He did not draw seriously again for years, but after Keller, who lives in Crescent, retired and started making frequent trips to Guthrie to run errands the itch returned. Old frustrations faded under the gaze of the historic buildings that he saw on every trip to the grocery store and so, Keller began to draw them. He drew unasked. He drew for the sheer joy of it and he gave his drawings to surprised Guthrie building owners. More than 100 detailed works of art later, Keller does not have to give his drawings away. Guthrie now turns to him for its artistic needs. Join Gallery in October as we travel to Guthrie to meet the artist and see the buildings that inspired him to find his own artistic path in Black and White.

Originally broadcast on September 26, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery 1402.flv Gallery 1402
Gallery 1402

Jerry Yarnell / A Master's Touch


Nestled in the quiet country just outside of Skiatook, Oklahoma you’ll find the art studio of one of the most popular artists in America. Oklahoman, Jerry Yarnell creates his beautiful paintings in that quiet studio; where he also teaches classes and films his popular PBS TV series called “Paint This with Jerry Yarnell.” Yarnell has been teaching art on PBS for over 25 years. His work is also viewed on NRB networks and is very popular in Canada and overseas. Yarnell is an internationally known wildlife, western, and landscape artist and winner of 150 national awards. Yarnell is passionate about nature and those themes have always been a major part of his work. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about Jerry Yarnell and his work on this Gallery airing in September.

Originally broadcast on August 30, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/march_to_the_stadium.flv Gallery  1401
Gallery 1401

March to the Stadium | Capturing Imagination

March to the Stadium
With a drum line downbeat thousands rise to their feet, cheering for the great marching bands of Oklahoma’s top universities as they take the football fields in Stillwater and in Norman, their mission, to build excitement, honor traditions and sometimes, to actually make an impact on the outcome of football games. In Oklahoma, when you’re talking football, you’re talking big money for the schools and the state. Gallery goes behind the scenes with The Cowboy Marching Band at Oklahoma State University and The Pride of Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma to talk to students, alumni and the band directors about what leads up to The March to the Stadium.

Capturing The Imagination
One Artist from Seminole, Oklahoma is leaving her mark for all the residents of Seminole. April Jones was raised in Seminole and feels it a duty of hers to create art for everyone to enjoy. Jones’ current project has placed her high in the sky to paint a colorful and playful mural to welcome children and families into the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum. Some of Jones’ other work includes: several murals inside the museum which spark a child’s imagination, and a large mural downtown that tells some of the history of her beloved town. For her current project, April draws inspiration from the community, the museum, children, and especially her family.

Originally broadcast on August 14, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1307.flv Gallery 1307
Gallery 1307

From the Vine | Shaping Life

From the Vine
John Hernandez is a modern day artist who is carrying on an artistic tradition that is 10,000 years old. Join Gallery in June as we take you to Lawton to meet a man who can turn a common gourd into an uncommon work of art with paint, pine needles and passion. When he isn’t in his studio working on this ancient craft Hernandez is busy promoting history and art as the director of the Museum of the Great Plains. Join us in June for a tour and a fine art take on ancient art From the Vine.

Shaping Life
Art is the fusion of one's experience, the elements of design and quality materials. All of this is driven by the creative idea and craftsmanship Glen Thomas began drawing when he was four and does not show signs of tiring of this activity. He is a prolific artist, working in both two and three-dimensional media. His favorite subject is the human portrait or figure and relishes the challenge of creating works of art in oil, pencil, clay and bronze. He often sculpts animals (usually horses or dogs) for discerning collectors. In addition to creating works of art, he is also a tireless art instructor and teaches several workshops each year in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico or Colorado. Over the years, Glen has taught hundreds of students, shaping their minds and lives with his art teachings.

Originally broadcast on June 6, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/Gallery 1306_finalversion_1.flv Gallery 1306
Gallery 1306

Studio 222 | Caricature Artist

The Caricature Art of Hector Lopez
You probably don’t know who Hector Lopez is, but perhaps you have seen his art. He is an illustrator, cartoonist and the Official Oklahoma City Thunder Caricature Artist. By day he loves to spend time on his skateboard. But when the Thunder plays at home you can always find Hector in the hallway of Section 302 of the Chesapeake Arena doing what he does best, sketching caricatures of Thunder Fans; a skill he calls “Fast Food Art.” With a quick glance and a confident stroke of the pen, Hector effortlessly captures the essence of his subjects’ in less than three minutes. “When people ask me if drawing caricatures is my profession, I say it’s more like my anti-profession; because I arrived at it by being unprofessional and doodling all the time.” Join, Gallery as we spend time with this one-of-a-kind artist for a little Sketchin’ & Skatin’.

Ten years ago a secretary at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City felt drawn to do something to help her community. Since St. Luke’s is located near the city’s urban area, that “something” quickly focused on children in need. Today, that church secretary, Julie Robinson, is now the founder and executive director of Studio 222. The Studio, as it is called, brings in professional artists to expose at-risk children to lessons in creativity they may not otherwise experience, but art is just the main course. The children are fed a full meal. They are mentored. They hear guest lectures on everything from business to etiquette. Studio children go on field trips every week and, in a practical move, they also get free transportation to the program and home in the evening. Join Gallery in May as we visit Studio 222 and meet the hosts of artists and volunteers who join forces every day to give children a chance to shine.

Originally broadcast on May 11, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1305.flv Gallery 1305
Gallery 1305

Skip Hill | Lil Mike & Funny Bone

Lil Mike & Funny Bone
Just because you are a small person doesn’t mean you can’t have a big impact. Lil Mike and Funny Bone are, almost certainly, Oklahoma City's only on-call, full-time, American Indian, little people, hip-hop artists. Measuring in at a height of 4 feet 9 inches tall they're anything but a novelty act. The brothers, respectively have spent sixteen years making the rounds of contests, churches, birthday parties and schools while developing their skills as beat-makers and rappers in a series of independently produced recordings. Their songs have found radio play across the country and they have opened for many big-name acts such as NU Wine. The Christian message within their Music is meant to inspire, raise hope and to challenge those who are different to Dream Big.

Soul Bird, The Art of Skip Hill
Funky. Lyrical. Poetic. Vibrant. Colorful. Sophisticated. Reverential. The art of SKIP HILL is a savory gumbo of artistic and cultural influences gleaned at the apron strings of Romare Bearden, Picasso, and Van Gogh. Patterns, images and forms drawn from Negro folk art, Japanese Ukiyo prints, Russian Icons, the Italian Renaissance and tribal textiles and tattoos are tossed into the mix.

Originally broadcast on April 11, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1305_promo.flv On the Next Gallery
On the Next Gallery

Skip Hill | Lil Mike and Funny Bone

Airing on April 11th @ 7pm

Originally broadcast on April 5, 2013

http://video.oeta.tv/gallery/gallery_1304.flv Gallery 1304
Gallery 1304

Art on Fire | The Poet

Art on Fire
Have you ever watched a man set himself on fire for the love of art? Phillip Danner is just such a man.
He has been expressing himself through the use of fire and performance for over a decade. Danner is one of Oklahoma City’s premiere mixed media Artists. Growing up in Oklahoma, Phillip attended the Classen School of Advanced Studies and later moved to California then New York in pursuit of his artistic muse. Returning to Oklahoma in 2010, Phillip accepted an invitation by fellow artist Jarrod Smith to join “The Society,” an art collective located in the heart of the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.
“The concept behind The Society,” explained founder Jarrod Smith “…is not only to provide studio space at an affordable price but also to expand the number of opportunities for artists by collaborating under one roof…” Together, Danner and Smith have created a new tempo for the art scene in the Plaza District by holding several free art openings and music events monthly.

What is a poem?
What does it mean?

Who is a poet?
Could it be me?

I don’t understand all the words that they say,
I don’t understand all the thee’s, thou’s and they’s.

Poems feed the soul,
Says the poet of the world,
They are the words of “The Voice”
But so much goes unheard.

“The Voice” has more words than thee, thou and thine,
It has words you will know
If you just give it time.

Gallery will show how a poem feeds the soul
We will bring you the poets
sharing all that they know.

They come in the month of love
To offer everyone a chance
To reconsider the simple poem
And help us all to join the dance.

Originally broadcast on February 7, 2013