Gallery Episode 606

Gallery #606


Mr. "B"

To say that Al Bostick is an artist and a storyteller is a bit of an understatement. He is so much more. He also likes to teach at elementary schools and libraries. He’s an actor, a dancer and a writer. He appears on stage frequently in a variety of roles. He also is a talented mask maker and is involved in several different kinds of visual arts. His paintings reflect his culture as an African-American. He’s proud of his heritage and hopes to pass it on through the arts.

You can see some of his works inside the historic “Gold Dome”, the former bank building at 23rd and Classen in Oklahoma City. It’s now home to the Gold Dome Multicultural Society. It is an organization designed to help provide an “invitation to awareness” engaging the public and bringing the diverse community together.

Al Bostick tends to do the same thing, whether it’s through acting, dancing, painting or storytelling.


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Airdate: 2/7/06
Gallery Show #606



Airdate: Feb 7th, 2006