A Conversation With...Henry Bellmon

BellmonandDickHe was a newspaper reporter, Marine and farmer from rural Oklahoma. Toughened by the depression and sharpened by World War II, he became the state's first Republican governor, a U.S. Senator, and an eyewitness to history during a time of American political and social upheaval.

Former governor Henry Bellmon discusses his life, battles and philosophy in the broadcast debut of OETA's historic new series, "A Conversation With..."

Hosted by Dick Pryor, "A Conversation With..." shows you famous and noteworthy Oklahomans as you have rarely seen them: up-close, straight-forward and personal.

During this one-hour, exclusive OETA presentation, Bellmon discusses how he entered public service and transformed Oklahoma politics. Among other topics covered are his reflections on his two terms as governor, education reform, integration, Watergate, Richard Nixon, and his years as a U.S. Senator, including his politically unpopular vote on the Panama Canal.