Tuning In

How can you receive OETA's Digital Channels?


Over-the-air viewers watching OETA transmitters in Cheyenne, Eufaula, Oklahoma City or Tulsa:

You can receive Okla on 13.2 in Oklahoma City, 11.2 in Tulsa, 3.2 in Eufaula and 12.2 in Cheyenne. If you are not able to access them, try rescanning your digital TV set or converter box.


Cable/Satellite Viewers:

Cox Digital Cable subscribers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can find OETA Okla on channel 112, OETA Create on channel 113 and OETA Kids on channel 114. AT&T Uverse Digital Cable has plans to offer OETA Okla, Create and Kids. Contact your cable provider and ask if they plan to offer OETA Okla. OETA offers all digital channels free of charge to all Oklahoma cable and satellite providers.


Rural Viewers:

If you receive OETA from a rural translator site, you will not be able to receive OETA Okla until this fall as OETA completes its digital upgrade construction. Over-the-air viewers watching an analog TV set will need a converter box with analog-pass through capabilities to continue receiving OETA in these rural areas.

Frequency Changes:

Some digital upgrades have been completed in rural areas and OETA has changed frequencies, requiring you to tune-in to a different channel. Those new channels are: Frederick Channel 34, Idabel Channel 23, Duncan Channel 47, Boise City Channel 20, Beaver Channel 34 and Buffalo Channel 48.

Having problems receiving OETA and Okla over-the-Air?


Simply rescan your converter box or digital television to acquire new digital channels. OETA, Okla and other new digital channels will not be found until you take this step. Rescanning monthly will ensure you receive all of the channels available in your area.

Check your antenna:

Digital signals may not reach as far as the analog signal, so some over-the-air viewers may have trouble receiving OETA and other channels. Because the digital signal does not have the same strength as analog, you may need a new antenna. Below are some common antenna problems and possible solutions:

  • Make sure your antenna receives UHF and VHF frequencies. Some channels switching to different frequencies.
  • Rabbit ears will no longer work if you are more than 15 miles away from a transmitter. You will need an external antenna placed in your attic or rooftop.
  • If you live more than 60 miles from transmitters, try an antenna amplifier (which will provide an additional 15-20 miles of reception capability) or subscribe to cable or satellite. Some satellite companies are offering rural areas a local channel package for as low as $10 a month.

Still no signal?

Call 800.879.6382 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for assistance.


Why can't I get Create and Kids over-the-air?

Cable systems in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are carrying four OETA channels – OETA HD, OETA Okla, OETA Create and OETA Kids, with efforts underway for all cable and satelite providers in the state to carry the channels.


Both channels, as well as Okla, have been made available for free to Oklahoma's cable/satellite providers. Contact your provider to inquire about how you can receive OETA Okla, Create and Kids.

Create and Kids are currently available through Cox Digital Cable in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. This is due to the larger bandwidth required to air OETA programming in high definition. OETA Okla will take up the rest of the government-allotted bandwidth.