About OETA

The real world is full of opportunities to explore and grow. And our Oklahoma children are little people with big potential who need safe and age-appropriate places to learn about the world around them. That’s why OETA provides a safe, engaging environment for our littlest Oklahomans – a place that inspires and nurtures a love of learning from reading and writing to science and math, social and emotional development and much, much more.

OETA optimizes the power of media to help Oklahoma kids reach their potential so that children across the state can discover a world of unlimited possibilities. We partner with parents, teachers and caregivers to ensure that our children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually in a healthy, safe environment.

Children require trusted guides on their journeys of learning and discovery. The children’s programming and services provided by OETA engage and educate through beloved – and trusted – characters such as Big Bird, Curious George and WordGirl. Through a child’s OETA experience, learning happens naturally as part of a fun and delightful adventure.

OETA is proud to serve Oklahoma as a trusted guide for little explorers from every walk of life, helping them to discover themselves and the wonder-filled world around them.